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Aug. 2016

Large German Marina gets custommade solution

ULTRAMARIN, DIE MEICHLE + MOHR MARINA at Bodensee is one of Germany´s third largest Marinas. It is even the largest Marina in Europa within the category of Marinas in closed seas. ULTRAMARIN offers an area of 200.000 m2 with 1.500 moorings. 

Custom made Reservation and Management System.

CompuSoft has designed and delivered a special edition of the CompuSoft Marina System for reservation, handling, and management of moorings for both turists and permanent guests. The solution consists of 5 user licens with additional Point-of- Sale terminals, online booking and online payment. All data from the Marina´s previous solution are fully implemented. With the additional Android Tablet, equipped with an on-the-go Point-of-Sale terminal and Bluetooth printer, the habour master will be able to serve guests directly at the quayside during his routine check of the moorings. 

Custom made parking system.

ULTRAMARIN also wished a solution for controlling their parking areas. CompuSoft has designed an special edition of our parking solution, which handles the central parking area in the marina.The area is effectively controlled by CompuSoft´s ticketing terminals, which are situated directly at the barriers. The integrated access control system consists of more than 16 rfid card reader devices and pinpads mounted at  both the parking area, service facilities, and at the parking basement. 

Custom made Self-Service-Terminal

At the main Marina area we have mounted 2 Self-Service-Terminals. One of terminals is lovingly integrated in one of the marina´s buildings. Here guests can pay for overnights, buy Hot Spot access, and pay for use of the parking area. The other terminal is situated closer to the adjacent parking areas. You can pay via credit card or cash. Parking ticket and receipt is printed immediately.

HotSpot installation with 6 antennas.

CompuSoft has also delivered a complete HotSpot installation covering the entire Marina area. 

Read more about ULTRAMARIN at www.ultramarin.com.

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